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March 23, 2020
"Easy and overall great experience"
I had to register for a new test date since COVID19 cancelled mine. Despite them probably having many people probably trying to reregister, the wait time was much much shorter than I expected. The man who helped me was able to change my test date quickly and without any hassle. It was much easier than I thought it would be and much quicker too.
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When i finish filling the payment information i can't click the submit button (it doesn't turn yellow). please i need a quick answer before deadline


Since10/19my son has been trying to find out why his scores were not posted.cb employees tell him different things but he can't get help. help!

December 17, 2019

“The CB is a horror to deal with. Here is what I have done: 1) Call customer service repeatedly until you get someone who speaks English well enough that you can understand them 2) Tell them you want to "open a case" and have it "red flagged." This will put the case in the 24 hour callback queue. Write down the case number. Insist on a phone call, not an email, because if they email you and you don't get a satisfactory or helpful answer, you can't continue the conversation. They won't actually call back in 24 hours, but you will now have a case number. 3) Go to the list of phone numbers for the CB on their site. They list centers for different parts of the country. Choose the "counselor/educator" phone number for your region, not the 'parent/student line." Call them. Tell them you are the guidance counselor and parent for your child (we homeschool, so that is legitimate for us). The people at those numbers are in the U.S. and speak English (!). Give them the case number and tell them what the problem is. Make it sound as urgent as possible. They will either be able to help you, or will re-escalate the case. I did this and got a call back (shockingly) within a day. The problems I've had with the CB could fill a book. Good luck!”

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